Modular Data Centers Can More Rapidly Solve Capacity and Sustainability Challenges

As a leader in building, integrating, and deploying modular data centers (MDCs) and edge solutions, TSS is known for its ability to rapidly deploy energy efficiency, and high-density computing systems for leading OEMs and their customers – simplifying the complexity to deliver complex systems quickly that have been tested and validate to ensure quality.

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Our team of experts meticulously handles every aspect of the build, integration, deployment, and maintenance process, from the initial assembly to the final testing and on-going maintenance and upgrade services. TSS makes sure that all the solutions work together delivering the compute power you need in an easily consumable and streamlined manner.

TSS offers a range of services across the entire lifecycle and has the capacity and expertise to customize solutions to meet the unique needs and use cases of clients.

Integration of IT and Infrastructure Technologies

TSS has the capacity to integrate a wide range of servers, storage, and networking equipment and infrastructure technologies such as power distribution units, innovative cooling systems, and security systems ensuring your MDC efficiently and reliably. Find out more about integration deployment maintenance.

Deployment and Installation

TSS deployment services include transporting the modular data center to the site and installing it. We are often selected for our ability to simplify complex logistics challenges such as deployment in a remote or difficult location.

Maintenance and Support

TSS delivers white glove maintenance and support services that are vital to ensuring the data center operates smoothly over its lifespan. These services include regular maintenance checks, upgrades, and troubleshooting and if needed, TSS can completely retrofit the MDC to meet new or changing demands and use cases providing the scalability customers need.

In addition to core services, TSS can offer a range of additional services depending on the specific needs of TSS customers and partners.

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TSS is committed to delivering fast, high-quality MDC and edge solution services. To speak to one of our experts, contact us today.