TSS is Uniquely Positioned to Deliver Liquid Cooling Solutions

Liquid cooling solutions can dramatically improve cooling energy consumption in traditional data center racks and can be transformative in the confines of a modular data center.  TSS is uniquely positioned to enable Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) and Immersion Cooling, as well as more traditional Air Cooling depending on the requirements of our partners and joint customers.

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In our state-of-the-art configuration center, TSS works with our partners to design, test and deliver both DLC and Immersion Cooling solutions in MDC offerings. The capability allows us to deploy MDCs with integrated liquid cooling faster and at a reduced cost, including edge and multiple use cases.

Benefits of Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling utilizes the exceptional thermal capacity of liquid to absorb and remove the heat created by today’s new higher-powered processors.  In a DLC environment, cold plates are attached to the processor and other components that generate heat. These directly connected plates allow the liquid to capture and remove the heat from the system and deliver it to a heat exchange unit located in the rack itself or in the row.  Using a warm water loop or cool water supply, the heat is removed from the MDC more efficiently and effectively than traditional cooling systems.

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