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At TSS, we’re on the cutting edge of modular and edge solutions. Modular data centers are set apart because of the modular format, allowing for rapid deployment and scalability to expand seamlessly without disruption. Components can be built offsite to reduce deployment time and cost, then craned into position.

Modular data centers have lower upfront costs, fast deployments, are easily scaled, are adaptable to changing business environments and can be operated and monitored remotely to ensure consistent optimal performance and quicker ROI.

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Where Latency Meetings Innovation

Edge data centers bring computation closer to end-users, reducing latency. Whether it’s IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, or real-time analytics, low latency is critical. Sensitive data is kept local and compliance and data sovereignty are prioritized. The seamless integration of edge computing is also a standout feature to bridge the gap between cloud and edge.

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Integration of IT and Infrastructure Technologies:

Integration services involve combining the IT hardware (like servers, storage, and networking equipment) with the necessary infrastructure technologies (such as power distribution units, cooling systems, and security systems). This integration is crucial for the data center to function efficiently and reliably.

Deployment and Installation:

Deployment services include transporting the modular data center to the site and installing it. This often involves complex logistics, especially if the data center is being deployed in a remote or challenging location, and where TSS thrives.

Maintenance and Support Excellence:

Regular updates, security patches, troubleshooting and proactive monitoring keep your modular and edge infrastructure running smoothly. Ongoing maintenance and support services are vital to ensure the data center operates smoothly over its lifespan.

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At TSS, we architect solutions that empower your business. Whether you’re embracing edge computing or scaling up with modular deployments, we’re here to guide you.

Ready to unlock the potential of modular and edge data centers? Contact us today to explore how we can simplify the complex for you.