Scalable IT Infrastructure with TSS' Structured Cabling Services

Structured cabling is a standardized system used to organize and link IT infrastructure. The primary goal is to establish a flexible and scalable framework capable of efficiently transmitting data among diverse devices and systems, in an organized and manageable system, reducing cost while improving performance.

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Structured cabling enables efficiency, cost savings, reliability and sustainability. Neatly organized cabling reduces confusion during changes or moves, minimizes risk of impact to incorrect cables and reduces the chance of interrupted operations. It also allows for smaller trunk cables and bulk, optimizing space and opening airflow. Lastly, structured cabling with TSS enables a data center to easily expand.

Key Components of Structured Cabling:

Main Distribution Area (MDA):

The central point of distribution for the data center structured cabling system. It’s where consolidation to the main cross-connects and switches/routers occurs.

Horizontal and Backbone Cabling:

These segments connect the MDA to the work areas and other distribution points. Horizontal cabling serves individual devices (e.g., computers), while backbone cabling links different parts of the data center.


These facilitate connections between different cabling segments, allowing for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Cable Management Components:

Essential for organizing and securing cables, preventing clutter and ensuring efficient airflow.

Equipment Cords:

Short cables connecting active equipment (servers, switches, etc.) to the structured cabling system.

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Our team of experts meticulously handles every aspect of the cabling process, from the initial assembly to the final testing. This allows our clients to focus on their core business operations while we ensure their IT infrastructure is robust, efficient, and ready for deployment.

Total Site Solutions provides structured cabling services for data center clients prioritizing security, cost, dependability and efficiency. Services are customized to each client to suit your individual needs and goals. Client industries vary in telecom, business, healthcare, hyperscale and more, but our approach remains the same: capacity and complexity, simplified

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