TSS' Facility Experts Help Businesses Efficiently and Effectively Assess Data Center Sites and Facilities

Data center site survey and assessment is a critical process that involves evaluating a potential location for a data center or assessing an existing facility’s suitability for ongoing operations.

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Data center assessments provide owners with two key benefits:

Clarity: They offer a clearer picture of your data center’s capacity, reliability, and vulnerabilities.

Roadmap: Conducting an assessment serves as an initial phase in crafting a strategy for future growth and upgrades.

Assessments can focus on specific technical features or encompass a broader scope, including critical and non-critical systems that support the IT enterprise. Our team works closely with your internal infrastructure team to assess power, electricity, cooling, IT, cabling, security and network systems.

Elements covered in assessments include:

Electrical Systems: Evaluate power sources, capacity, single points of failure, operational constraints, and redundancy, as well as identify gaps in power distribution and cooling systems.

Building Site Assessment: Examine the physical location, including structure, space and environmental conditions. Take into account factors like accessibility, proximity to potential hazards such as rivers, rail lines, and airports, as well as other site characteristics that affect data center operations.

Cooling and Environmental Control Evaluation: Analysis of existing cooling systems, including AC units, and potential for scalable cooling solutions, along with an assessment of environmental controls like humidity and temperature regulation.

Connectivity and Network Infrastructure: Review available telecommunications infrastructure and internet connectivity options and evaluate network resiliency.

What you receive:

Customized Approach: Total Site Solutions customizes each survey to your specific needs and budget, while maintaining our consistent approach to quality.

Assessment Reports: The outcome of assessments is an Assessment Report that documents facility capacity, compliance, efficiency, capabilities, and vulnerabilities. Severity of vulnerabilities is ranked, helping you prioritize improvements.

Data Center Risk Assessment: A Data Center Risk Assessment helps identify risk associated with ongoing operations, natural disasters, nearby hazards, or consolidation of data center assets and develop a strategy to mitigate and enhance business continuity.

These assessments are crucial for ensuring that a data center can operate efficiently, securely, and reliably, while also being prepared for future needs and challenges. TSS is committed to simplifying the complex to deliver a high-quality assessment.

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